Soon we won’t be strangers.

It is early evening and we are travelling on the bus, going home, thinking about hibernation, hot soup, my small wonderful family waiting at the other end of this draining commute. The other half of my life is awaiting. I want to fly through the traffic jams like a superhero, be back soon. In the quiet of the bus, my thoughts wonder as I think about you.

Where are you? Will you be seeing the same moon? Will someone be reading you a story or holding your hand as you fall asleep, safe in the knowledge that a parent’s love will envelope you every single day of your life? Today and tomorrow, as you grow up and I grow old, I want to be that certainty in your life. I want that presence to be mine, soft like a cloud of candy floss, strong like the hands that will steady you throughout life. I know despite all my faults you will inspire me to be the best person and mum I can. I hope one day, when our paths will cross, you will recognise me as your mum, and join our boat as we sail towards unknown shores. I hope life hasn’t been unkind to you in its beginnings.

You need strong foundations to build a better future, the life you deserve. Things will get better.

Until then, hold on. We will be waiting for you.