I am writing to you as you are my local MP (I live in Witney) to ask for your support in voting our exit from the European Union down at Parliament.

Like many others, I am appalled by the consequences of the European Referendum and extremely distressed about the impact on our society.

I am a ‘can-pay-taxes-but-cannot-vote’ EU immigrant. For fifteen years, I have made this my home. I have loved, worked, made friends, volunteered, paid bills and lived in your (now our) welcoming, beautiful, diverse country. I have worked hard to pursue opportunities I wouldn’t have had in my birth country. I am grateful for everything the UK has given me and I have given in return everything that I could. I am proud to be an immigrant and it makes me extremely sad that instead of celebrating our contribution, it became such a focal point in the campaign that at times it almost felt like we didn’t have the right to live at your homes, ride your buses, use your hospitals. Only that, of course, those things are not yours, they are ours, paid with our taxes and staffed by many of us.

I feel now that the image of something I loved so dearly is mutating in front of my eyes. We are becoming a country split by anger and irreconcilable differences; our economy is tumbling down, with a weak pound and the threat of an exodus of financial sector jobs from the City to other European countries; racist attitudes and incidents are on the rise; doors of opportunities are being shut on the face of the next generation; the UK is in the preliminary stages of being fragmented; and we are getting increasingly isolated in the international political arena, with less opportunities to participate in pan-European debates about things that matter to us. And, to avoid this spreading to other EU countries, I predict that we are about to be made into a scapegoat, the losing party in a long drawn, painful divorce.

The fact that you, like me, are Pro-European is paradox, since myself, like many others, hold you responsible for this terrible crisis. Your political ambitions and your recklessness have combined to take us to this difficult position. You didn’t need to call a referendum, but you so badly wanted a second term at Number 10 that you were willing to take the risk. And if you do nothing else about this, it will become your political legacy, in a similar way to what happened to Blair.

I understand that our removal from the EU has to be approved by Members of Parliament before Article 50 has been triggered. In the light of the interests of your constituents and the people of the United Kingdom, I ask that you consider this letter and exercise your right to that vote justly. It is not too late to do this.

Should this vote be unsuccessful, then it would be up to you and your successor to negotiate the best possible scenario for us. Given the lack of detail given at referendum stage, it is my belief that this should be put to some form of public vote, just to make sure that people REALLY want this. There has been such a vacuum of real information that many voters have just been filling in the gap with misinformation, and that is just not fair on all of us.

Because we are stronger in Europe.

PS. I will also say that I am hugely disappointed that along the Referendum campaign the Leave campaign was allowed to propagate this discourse of faux patriotism, as if in order to be a Patriot you had to be pro-Brexit. Not to mention the Breaking Point poster – I never thought I would live to see Nazi-style propaganda in the mainstream in our society. It made me furious and I looked at the Advertising Standards Authority, but unfortunately political propaganda falls outside their remit. Why on earth?