It happened again. Reaping what we sowed, the world has woken up to terrible pain and suffering. Radicalising young people who feel marginalised, who exist at the edges of society rather than playing by the rules, can be all too easy when you take into account the toxic environment where many of them have spent their formative years.

Call it what you want. Disastrous foreign policies across a number of countries. An increasing number of wars spreading across the world like wildfire. Retaliation and revenge becoming entrenched in their way of thinking, bringing self perpetuating prophecies and pain.

I look back beyond 2001, and I realise our world has lost is innocence. We are wounded, in danger of becoming a global battlefield in every market, metro station and concert hall of the main cities across Europe. And on every street, we will look at our neighbours with mistrust and hate, and only when we have to.

The more we feel this pain, the more we are in danger of forgetting the other side of the coin.

Thousands of people have died across in armed conflict and in religion-fuelled violence. The dead in Paris were no more or less valuable than those in Kenya or Syria. A human life is always someone’s parent, child, soulmate; a person whose dreams, however humble, have been shattered.

So while we are all busy changing our Facebook status to the French flag and tweeting about the death of a police dog, hundreds of other tragedies cause devastation in families across the globe. But we just never hear about them, and therein lies part of the problem. Ignorance, in this case, is not bliss. But media has become an expensive global estate, where only the news that sell, and which concern our western minds and western lives, are granted enough space to hit the headlines.

And hope for our world surely lies in dialogue. Talking about valid concerns. Understanding that things may not change in our generation, but hopefully one day we’ll wake up and the world will have changed.

But we can only heal the wounds of the world through dialogue and positive action.