She was born early on a Wednesday morning almost five years ago, a fitting entry to the world for our early riser.

‘Can’t wait to meet her’. This is what our bunch of friends, some near and some far, would say, once and again, as messages of congratulations arrived via email, post, some calls.

She sucked the finger off the doctor during the examination before she was born. She did not seem in any way to be in a different world then. The bubble grew bigger later, when she was 18 months plus and she wasn’t learning to do the things that toddlers seem to do innately.

After the diagnosis, slowly and painfully, came the realisation that there was a way to learn how to live with our different reality, and it was up to us to rise to the challenge.

Many people had gone, disappeared from our lives, or made themselves as distant as possible. Our gorgeous, fun, loving and challenging girl was the reason.  And yet with the pain, comes the beauty. With the thorns, the flower of autism is blooming in shape. We never seem to know what the future will bring, but you can say the same of many parents.

I can’t wait to see her tonight.