I had far idealised from the distance the Cannes Film Festival. That glorious mixture of glamorous film stars with thought provoking, subtitled films vying for the coveted Palme d’Or award. Films for the intellectuals exhibited under the beautiful sun in the South of France.

And now my dream has turned sour. The reason why I am doubly pissed off is that a woman (and an amputee) was asked to leave the red carpet due to wearing flat shoes. She ended up having to explain her disability to security staff to be allowed in wearing flat shoes. And as a disabled person, explaining your disability to the uninitiated is not always what you planned for an evening out.

I had my big growth spurt when I was still a child, so I have always been tall. And high heels have not been part of my look, or fitted my lifestyle. I find it very troublesome that high heel shoes are part of the canon of women beauty. And I wonder if this is a bad case of double standards raising their ugly head again.

There are a million reasons why someone may chose to wear one type of shoes or clothes, to dye their hair blue or pink or to curl it up, most probably connected to the expression of their inner selves.

Off to put my flat shoes for work. And from now on if I dream of cinema festivals it will be about Sundance.