So, it looks like on the run up to this general election we are surrounded by politics everywhere we go.

Take your pick: electoral debates, party manifestos or the ever-present selfies with PMs and MPs (which slowly but surely have displaced the politician kissing baby snapshot, a staple of political campaigns galore.

It seems to me that we are caught in a toxic cycle. When elections are not in sight, we do not think about politics at all. With ballots day around the corner, we are force-fed policies, manifestos and statements on our screens.

The truth is, politics surround everything we do and inform our quality of life in a myriad of ways. Food banks. Parental leave. Affordable housing policies. Support to pupils with Special Educational Needs. And the list goes on. Many of us are stuck in one or more of these labyrinths, campaigning or waiting for the tide to change. Politics can be our ally or a threat to our wellbeing.

I am a foreigner, so sadly I cannot vote. But I will be watching from the sidelines, keeping my fingers crossed that the result will help us build a strong future for everyone in this country. So, whatever you decide to do on Thursday, pick up your ballot form with enthusiasm and after careful consideration, make sure you use your right to shape our futures. I wish you wisdom, compassion and thoughtfulness. And I wish you a Happy Election Day.