If, like me, you were brought up in a working class household by parents who grew up during the postwar period, then you will have been brought up to respect food. To love leftovers and to love to turn a few vegetables that have seen better days into a succulent pasta dish or a tasty looking omelette. Lessons that stay with you for life.

Today, I am shocked by the news that between 30 and 50% of the worldwide production of food is wasted (an staggering 1.2 to 2 billion tonnes). We are talking huge numbers here, but it is not just the fault of a few who put their noses up to eating yesterday’s roast chicken – it is to do with our expectations of how food should look like.

Perhaps we have extended to food too our unrealistic expectations of supreme aesthetic beauty, and we are in danger of losing touch with nature and reality. But we ought to give ourselves a reality check, as we are abusing the Earth to produce resources and take the Planet’s fruits for granted.

Time for a cup of something and a biscuit – stored, for sure, in an airtight container.