The all powerful National Riffle Association in the US has broken its silence over the latest devastating shooting, at a Newtown primary school in Connecticut, to claim it will engage on producing some “meaningful input” to avoid situations like this.

As a mum in a country where possession of fire weapons is tightly regulated, reactions in the aftermath of this tragedy have shocked me. In the days following the massacre, gun and riffle sales have gone through the roof. And where do you draw the line between fear (whether unfunded or not), the need to defend your family, and the need to avoid situations where an unstable personality has the access to weapons that mark the difference between a crazy dream and a sobering nightmare? What are we going to tell these children when they inevitably ask more and more questions? Your life was worth less than our principles?

I really do hope some soul searching truths come out of this huge, devastating loss of lives and innocence. May the dialogue begin soon and may it bear peaceful fruits for American society.