I have become, again, a migratory bird. So, I move home, start a new job, and try to put down new roots in another town, like thousands of other people across the world.

It rains a lot, then it stops raining, the recession continues, there is a Cabinet reshuffle, the Olympics come and go and the railway fares price hike is here to stay. Spain and Greece are still teethering on the edge of collapse but just about clinging on to the Euro dream.

If you happened to holiday on the moon this Summer, the above should be enough to keep you up to date with what’s been happening in our family and on the headlines. But what do you know about your neighbours? A new parent in the neighbourhood, standing on the playground surrounded by strangers, it’s all vaguely reminiscent of my first day at school.

We are all adults, and it is not difficult to get to know people through work. But how many barriers do we put between us and strangers that surround us who could become acquaintances? Neighbours, work colleagues, people we see every day on the bus – it would only take small differences to make a new friendship start tomorrow.