The Guardian reports today a radical new approach to solving the age-long issue of feeding the elderly and infirm men. After decades of traditionally relying more on wives or daughters caring for them, it’s time to cobble together some nutritional and tasty meals, breaking down isolation and empower individuals. The powerful secret weapon is called cookery classes.

There is a spin on the tale of this seemingly brilliant idea. With local councils cutting down budgets, ditching meals on wheels for fortnightly frozen meal deliveries or axing meals on wheels altogether are some of the measures sneaked through the back door.

One can only be left to ponder if this empowering tale of teaching men to fish (or to cook) is another money saving effort. The devil is in the detail. Will this be a case of systems supporting individuals once they have learnt new skills, or churning people through the system so as to put a tick in a box? Only time will tell. When individuals’ health and wellbeing is concerned, balancing the budgets can be a very delicate act.