Anthony Worrall-Thompson’s descent into shoplifting low-value items at his local Tesco has been the latest celebrity scandal to hit our screens this year.

An unnecessary, one could even say desperate act, it could be interpreted as either a cry for help, PR from hell or a temporary lost-the-plot state. The celebrity chef had more than enough money to purchase these items, and being a regular (and well-known) customer, he had his reputation to protect.

Five (shoddy) shoplifting attempts later, Mr Worrall-Thompson has been caught red-handed and cautioned, whilst the rest of us are left puzzled as to what his reasons may have been. So little is known about the hook of shoplifting as a thrill. We are not talking about a necessity here, such as stealing food or clothes as you struggle to survive). Maybe in ten years’ time we’ll look back and marvel that the addiction to shoplifting was such a big unknown, and we’ll grow to understand what makes human minds act in mysterious ways and desire items off the shelf.