Let me start by saying I despise dictators and everything they stand for. The terror, the lack of educational and work opportunities for the country to progress. The impossibility to lead a fulfilling life, without worrying about getting bombed at the queue outside the local bakers, or having to bury your children who should be at school but got caught into a tragic wrong place, wrong time, scenario that tears your life apart.

So the popular relief at Gadafi’s death announcement yesterday did not come as a surprise. What I did not expect is the horror as details of his death were televised almost live. Was proving his death necessary to allow Libya to move on? Yet the showing of bloody images on screens all over the world renders us more barbaric than us so-called civilised nations were deemed to be.

The danger is now that technology is fast becoming a tool to feed the horrors of the world into the hungry monster that Media is fast becoming.