If you are feeling overwhelmed by the size of your pile of ironing or the pace of life, you are not alone.

I am not surprised to read reports on the press that women are two and a half times more likely to suffer from depression than men – a huge change in lifestyle, gender roles, careers, ambitions, etc over the past 50 years or so means we often want to have everything. Why shouldn’t we? But the reality is far more complex. Twenty-four hour days often conspire to make us pay a very high cost for the freedom to dream and to be equals in the world, gained through far too much pain in history.

I do not need a research study to remind me that the dream that we can have it all is a double whammy -goals, expectations, responsibilities. Work, study, family, volunteering, personal interests – the pressure of wanting to do it all and wanting to do it right means sometimes tears are wiped off before the lipstick gets back on.

So, like me, let the ironing wait. Our well being is far more important than a Cordon Bleu meal or vacuuming well into the corners. Keeping things in perspective will make us happier in our own skins.