On a beautiful summer day, it should be hard to sound ominous. But nothing like two tragedies over the weekend to keep life’s challenges under perspective – the threat of redundancy, too many bills to be paid, a sore throat, the supremely complex  juggling act of motherhood, marriage and full-time work, plus the desire to read the newspapers.

As more details emerge in the aftermath of the tragedy of the Norwegian gunman and his manifesto, I can only regret that at some point opportunities to stop this madness must have been missed. There must have been someone who was suspicious about his behaviour, the bulk purchasing of fertiliser, the online comments – but it’s only a bad case of ‘what if’.

The death of Amy Winehouse was sudden but certainly not unexpected, after her drink and drug fuelled antics had regularly filled our TV screens and magazines. This was enough to create a sense of alarm, with many fans sensing that the talented singer was doomed to join the self-destruction button club. Fame, money and youth sometimes collide in spectacular and unnecessary ways.

Life is beautiful and fragile. Tragedies come in all sizes. All rest in peace.