The state of Florida is world renowned for its beautiful beaches that draw thousands of tourists to its shores every year. Also for a hugely popular brand of children’s resorts, where a famous mouse, duck and an assortment of princesses are adored and photographed by people of all ages.

Yet there is a darker side to it, too. It has now been reported that Florida tops the pill popping charts, with the number of those overdosing on painkillers and prescription drugs rising sharply. Last year, 30k Americans OD’d into the other world; two and a half thousand of them passed away in Florida. It’s down to bucks: the cost of bringing this unregulated activity under control has been deemed prohibitive by the powers to be.

So drug tourists drive through the night to make it to Florida, where prescription drugs are more freely available. It is the darkest side of the sunshine state, and maybe next time you think about it, it won’t evoke any magical images, it will taste like a bitter pill. Until lives are valued over money.