This is a story about the high price to pay for cultural misunderstandings. It has nothing to do with a sometime-celebrity Paris Hilton.

It appears that a bunch of Japanese tourists, mainly middle-aged women, suffer from this condition on their first visit to Paris. It is caused by the stress of dealing with what the Japanese consider extremely rude and totally uncalled for  behaviour.

I can only remember this sniffy attitude too well one year on. The waitress who refused our payment on small change, the humiliating pushing aside of small coins. It can be upsetting. Let’s not forget the economic side of it, as one million tourists from the Land of the Rising Sun are said to visit Amelie-land every year. Someone should surely step in and avoid any further misunderstandings? The PR Brand of Paris is at risk! Oh la la!!

Me, I am still planning to choose Paris over Tokyo for next year’s break. I’ll just make sure that when I pack my suitcase I don’t forget to take with me a set of realistic expectations. Whatever it happens, the thick sin will come in handy.