I am glad that this week’s famous super injunction on some footballer was broken, regardless of the shady use of parliamentary powers (reader, I would imagine that an MP would more important claims to their time).

The notion that someone can act as they wish and prevent damage to their personal brand by surrounding their persona with a ‘thou shall not touch me or name me’ invisibility cloak remains a troublesome one. Money and social status already make too much of a difference to our lives here in our society (drop us all in the Amazonian jungle and my answer may be different).

So, here’s the lesson: If you don’t want to reap the consequences of your act, then don’t do them. We are not animals, we are human beings, and we can (and should) exercise our right to be the better version of ourselves. Whether that involves keeping your mouth shut or your trousers zipped is the same.  Our media will find a way to hold a mirror up to you and show you who you have become, and you can be sure that any skeletons (secret children, past lovers) will come out of the closet clamouring for attention.

It’s time to grow up and own up to the fact that money and fame won’t make you untouchable, and best of all, that everybody has the right to talk and to be informed about public figures, so they can make up their own informed opinion.