Monday morning, and I am left wondering how many thousands of people are on their way to a job they hate, and how many others stay at home, looking for a job that eludes them.

The recent demonstrations in Madrid and throughout Spain have shown what lies beyond our fragile image of a youth full of apathy. Western Europe is fast becoming a dangerous social mix of anger and lack of suitable opportunities. Where TV used to be the ‘bread and circus’ keeping us happy, our tablet screens are now connecting us together.  Social media is so much more than finding out what Z-list celebs have been doing over the last few days… It has become the platform to connect with other like minded individuals and attempt once again to ignite the flame of revolution. It is unlocking the potential that tells us we can still do something to change the world.

We dream of changing the world, but reality calls us. How can we as individuals stay true to ourselves and pay the (rising) bills?  How can we strike the right balance between being critical about our reality and grateful that we still have a  job?

Is our society heading back to more politically aware days, with the 2010s becoming the new sixties? I for one won’t be holding my breath, but it is truly inspirational that people are protesting not only by reclaiming the streets but from living rooms and bedrooms across the country, that words are mattering so much once again.